Why Corian Rocks!

A few months ago, we moved into a pretty cool mid-century modern home. It was a big leap, having just redone our colonial style, village home top to bottom in 2011. But, we were presented with the rare chance to live in a very California style house while remaining in New Jersey, and we couldn't pass it up!

One of the most delightful things about this new home, much to my surprise, are the 20+ year old white, Corian countertops. I mean, they still look perfect. I can set down a scalding pan, spill a glass of Merlot and cut a kiwi on this stuff and it still cleans up and looks brand, spanking new. It puts my three-inch thick, Italian Basaltina from the old kitchen to shame. 

With all of the new countertops out there, I hope people who are renovating haven't forgotten about this old time gem of a material (which is still competitively priced at $64-126 per square foot). The best part? It can be molded into any type of continuous shape, which is just gorgeous.

PS. It comes in more than white!

To learn more, visit Dupont.com